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Personalized Ornaments

Whether it’s baking cookies, exchanging Christmas gifts, or decorating for the holidays most of us have traditions. In my household we have several that we do each year. We certainly bake Christmas cookies, we even share them with our close family and friends. Another tradition is watch a Christmas movie after putting up our tree. In addition to that we put our Christmas pajamas on and have hot cocoa or egg nog.

One tradition I’ve passed on to my children is the love for new ornaments. Each year my husband and I give our children an ornament that best represent their year. This year we plan on finding a tap dancer as my daughter has started a dance milestone. My son will get a soccer ball or something to represents his year in scouts. has provided my husband and I with our years ornament. After looking over their rather large and extensive ornaments we found one perfect for us. This year we closed on our first house. It was such a long and stressful process that this symbolizes such a huge milestone for us. Ornaments are such great items to remind yourself and family of past memories and achievements.
They were able to personalize the ornament with specific dates and names. The sign read “Our First Home“, and I requested it to read Our Forever Home. Sadly not everything can be changed but I was able to personalize the date we closed on. Last year we had a family ornament created with our names etched onto the hats.
I love that they offer ornaments for all size range of families. There’s no need to worry about not having an ornament to fit your family.

Offered Categories:

  • Family
  • Home
  • Sports
  • Occupation
  • Military

and so many more!

“Our staff gathers the most unique and popular ornaments from around the world, offering you so many different options and styles of ornaments.  The designs range anywhere from the cute and cuddly to the exquisitely beautiful.  Use the Ornament Finder search tool to look for personalized ornaments for baby’s first Christmas, gifts for your child’s teacher, ornaments for a favorite little league player, or a personalized ornament to remember the year for everyone in the family.

Owners Rick & Ramona Holt are passionate about ornaments and Christmas in general,  and they are delighted daily at the wonderful creativity of the ornament artisans they meet in their search for exceptional ornaments.  The Holts work with their talented staff to publish blog articles which include reviews of ornaments, ornaments ideas and helpful hints on displaying and storing ornaments.  They also make sure that you know the latest trends for ornaments by keeping you informed about the current most popular ornaments.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive special promotions and discount offers.”

In the spirit of giving and sharing the excitement of having a new personalized ornament to display. is offering one lucky winner the opportunity to browse their Personalized Ornaments, and select one they’d like to receive. Giveaway will run until November 17th so you’ll get your ornament in plenty of time.



  1. Melissa Ann Stura-Bassett says:

    I wrap all the presents on Christmas Eve in front of the fire, while watching Emmett Otters Jug Band Christmas and drinking hot cocoa

  2. Heather Bridson says:

    We open one gift each on Christmas eve. On Christmas morning we have breakfast and open gifts, starting with favorite!

  3. Stephanie Grant says:

    We always have a big dinner and exchange gifts on Christmas every year.

  4. Mary Gardner says:

    The kids open one gift on Christmas Eve and then open their Santa gifts and stockings on Christmas morning. The extended family comes for dinner later that day and we exchange gifts.

  5. Mary Gardner says:

    We have pizza night on Christmas Eve with movies.

  6. Many..for over 30 years mom has given us all kids and grands and great grands new ornaments.
    the huge family feast..three days to prepare.
    football, naps, hikes…church above all

  7. We open gifts on Christmas Eve.

  8. Our tradition is driving around to look at Christmas lights.

  9. A huge Christmas day dinner…southern style that takes 3 days to prepare and cook! Tables and Tables of tradition foods and a dessert buffet

  10. Another tradition we have is to make our own ornaments.

  11. we actually can go out and cut down our own Christmas tree..its a trek with cocoa

  12. We sing songs on Christmas Eve.

  13. favorites are new pjs for the family and holiday picture taking and new ornaments dated for the year for everyone..gets expensive..but a favorite.

  14. We go to my grandmas house for Christmas Eve and exchange gifts with my family. Then santa comes on Christmas Day, and we go to my inlaws house to exchange gifts with them.

  15. Another tradition is making sugar cookies.

  16. another favorite tradition is after dinner to go on a family walk

  17. sherry fowler says:

    we go to my grannys on christmas eve to celebrate her Christmas birthday and Jesus’ birthday. Santa also makes an appearance and hands out gift to the kids.

  18. We always watch Elf on Christmas.

  19. my favorite of all is and was cooking with grandma and mom while watching the macy day parade and waiting on santa clause at the end..getting teary eyed every time

  20. We open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Both my husband and I grew up with that tradition because our parents were immigrants and that’s how they did it in their countries.

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