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As a photographer I take a lot of photos! Certainly more of my clients, but I do however take several photos of my personal life as well. That’s to include my children, family, friends and special outings we go on. Photos are the best way to keep those memories as a tangible item, and not just as a memory. The ability to display the things that mean the most to us is something we can all take pride in. Whether it’s by snapping photos on our phones, camera or using other devices capable of photos. Also taking it one step further, and creating video content to share as well, is an even bigger reminder of achievements, and milestones through out your life.

Photographers, and people who appreciate a great display of photos can appreciate PhotoSpring!

PhotoSpring is redefining the digital photo and video experience with their portable, Wi-Fi connected, touchscreen digital frame. This high-resolution digital frame allows families and friends to upload and share photos. They can share from any location to any digital frame.

PhotoSpring Features include:

  • Simplified photo and video display
  • Automatic selection and optimization of photo and video slide shows
  • Shared images with family and friends though wireless companion apps
  • High resolution, portable touchscreen interface to browse and interact with images


  • 10.1” touchscreen with 1280 x 800px resolution
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batter lasts up to 4 hours
  • Available in 16 and 32 GB- 16 GB can hold up to 15,000 Photos!
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • Companion apps for android, iPhone, Mac, PC and web interface
  • Retails starting at $149


I can now proudly share my photos with my family! The fact that I can put this frame anywhere is a huge benefit of having one. If my mother, or sister had one within their home, I could upload photos to their frames via my phone, tablet, or phone.  Users can invite Family and Friends to send photos to their PhotoSpring. The photos that are shared will automatically be displayed on the PhotoSpring screen. The recipient will be able to see and enjoy the new photos without needing to swipe or click or tap anything.

The digital frame comes with a charging dock! Also, the frame has the ability to be used horizontal, or vertical. The picture will auto adjust to the way the frame is sitting. In addition to that, I’m impressed with the quality of the image it displays. I’m looking forward to having this displayed in my house! It would make a great Christmas Gift for parents, or grandparents. Especially if you have young children. You can share milestones, and special events with those special people in your life. In addition to all of this, I have to mention that it is fairly user friendly. Meaning that even the slightest tech-savvy person could figure this out!

Purchase yours today here!

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