Play-Doh Bath Time Fun With Townley Girl *Update with Giveaway*

No More Arguing About Bath Time, Townley Girl Has The Solution!

Bath Time

The dreaded sound of whining from my eight year old every time I tell him it’s time to shower. You would think someone just told him that Pizza doesn’t exist anymore. However my 3-year-old daughter won’t stop be begging me to take baths. She’s even ventured into wanting to take showers… but “only with mamma!”

Depending on the day, determines the amount of play time the kids get while bathing. What’s a bath without some bubbles and fun right? Well what if you could mix bath time and playtime together?! Townley Girl now offers Play-Doh bubble bath, and Play-Doh moldable soap.
As soon as my daughter saw it she immediately wanted to play with it. I then told her that she needed to wait till bath time because it was a special kind of playdough. Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, and wanted to bathe now. Unfortunately for her it was time to get her brother to school, and grocery shop.
Believe me though, the second I was home it was on. Bath time whether I was ready or not. Are you understanding what I’m saying here? If for any reason, any reason at all you can’t get your child into the tub, bribe them. Who could say no to playdough?!

            Bath Time Need To Know:

Play-Doh Bath 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash Formula


  • Watermelon scented

We found it a bit hard to pour it out without taking the lid off entirely to pour into the tub. The scent was really nice, not over powering. However just enough to scent the bath for the duration.

Play-Doh Bath 5 Pack Moldable Soap Set


  • 5 pack moldable clay soap set
  • Colors include purple, blue, orange, green and pink

I didn’t find these to be of any particular scent, or to be very fragrant at all to be honest. My daughter however loved playing in the tub with her Play-Doh!

Why stop here, check out everything else Townley Girl has to offer, like her Princess Collection’s or other character themed items.



Please enter the giveaway- ends 5/10/17! Two winners will be chosen, so be sure to specify which one you’d like if chosen as winner!




  1. Lyanne Fousse says:

    Look so fun for my princesses!

  2. Josie Tusa says:

    I would be happy with winning either one. Thank you for the chance.

  3. Jenniferanne says:

    My son would absolutely LOVE the Play-Doh moldable soap.

  4. Kristin C says:

    My kids would love the moldable soap.

  5. Amber Cheras says:

    I would love to win the Play-Doh Bath 5 Pack Moldable Soap Set for my niece!

  6. Katrina Brockavich says:

    My kids would love the moldable soap! It would make bath time fun!

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