Pro-tech-tion: The Best Home & Internet Security Systems Reviewed

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When you are looking at gifts for friends, security might not provide the ideal Christmas or birthday present, but if you’ve got friends who are just entering into parenthood, they may want to feel a little bit more secure in their home environment. Likewise, they may have children who are old enough to switch on the computer and find a whole manner of questionable content online. Either way, let’s have a look at some of the best security tools for families.

The Best Internet Security

When your kids are old enough to switch on the computer and find a whole manner of websites that you wouldn’t be happy with them looking at, there’s a lot of tools out there. Net Nanny is a great parental control tool and is supportable on Android, Mac, and Windows. As far as the cost is concerned, $39.99 pays for one license, but if you’ve got numerous family members that you’re struggling to keep an eye on, the five-license family pass costs $59.99. Be warned, this gets you a pass just for the year, as with most online packages now. As with many parental control functions, you can set filters yourself, but the inbuilt functions work pretty well and analyze most pages on an individual basis. While it’s not the most diverse of programs, and there are others like Norton Family that offer a wider variety, for the cost, it is highly recommended by tech reviewers.

Best Home Security

Nowadays, there are so many different options to choose from with regards to home security. While the top of the line providers like provides motion sensors and similar equipment, with the wi-fi light bulb camera is available, it’s a very simple way to provide an all-encompassing sense of safety in the home. Wi-fi light bulb cameras are one of the latest security measures that aren’t so easily spotted by thieves in the middle of the night. There are numerous reviews you can find online, providing some useful one, but the best camera we’ve found come from Quanmin. With the HD camera built in, as well as a microphone and speaker, you can hear to a good standard, but you can also speak if necessary. With the modern HD cameras, not only do you have good quality visuals, but you can record through an app, so if you are in the situation where someone is trying to break into your property, you’ve got video evidence. Most bulbs have an SD card slot, meaning you have the option for additional memory if necessary.

You can’t underestimate security nowadays, and when you’ve got a small family, or there are people you know who are embarking on their parenting journey, security in this day and age is vital. This requires the top of the line equipment, but also you need enough to make sure that you feel safe in your own home. As far as families are concerned, you’ll need to provide enough protection for them, as well as your peace of mind!

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