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There’s something so satisfying about gifting books for Christmas! Especially to my little minions here at home. Mostly because they enjoy receiving books just as much as I like giving them! That’s why I am so excited to bring to you a great publishing groupQuarto Group has provided me a book haul to gift my 8 year old son this holiday season! In addition to sending books based on his age group, they nailed his interests so well! The Quarto Group has books for all ages, and all categories. Find Out more below about the publishing group!

About Quarto Group:

“Quarto creates and owns proprietary content, publishing books from a diverse portfolio of imprints that are creatively independent and expert in developing long-lasting content across specific niches of interest. We invest in intellectual property in a way that no other publisher does.

Subjects range from Art ‘How-To’, Graphic Design, and Home Improvement, to Cooking, Gardening, Motoring, and Crafts. In fact, we cover any subject that can be better explained with photographs or illustrations.”

I have a personal preference of having a “hard copy” of a book with pages to skim through. While having it accessible via phone, tablet or computer, I very much love having the actual book in had! With that being said, here are some of the books offered!


Nature’s Toughest Go Head to Head–Includes a Poster & 20 Animal Stickers!

The illustrations are so bold and vibrant! My almost 9 year old son loves books with random facts about animals.

Get Smarter: Word Search Puzzles for Kids by Joe Rhatigan ($8.95 USD)

75 Puzzling Puzzles To Baffle, Bemuse & Do Battle with Your Brain

as well as The Ultimate Brain Bender Activity Book. Also by Joe Rhatigan. ($7.95 USD)

These books are great for car rides, or to be used as tag along books. Perfect for keeping their minds active and inspired!

Wait, There’s More!

51 Things to Make with Cardboard Boxes by Fiona Hayes

In addition to the cardboard boxes, there are paper plates!($11.85 USD)

If you’re lucky, you probably have both of those things right at home! Allowing for endless amounts of fun, and creativity to be had.

Lastly is a couple of books that I feel every parent could benefit from having. As previously mentioned I have an almost 9 year old boy. Which means I need to start thinking about the early stages of puberty. Let’s be honest though, I have no idea how to approach it, and what things are a need to know right now. So the two following books seem to really help pave the way for “the talk”.

All these books and more can bee seen here.
Purchasing options are available through online retails such as Amazon, and Barnes and Noble!
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