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Just the other day my husband and I came across a floppy disk that holds all of my high school research papers and documents I used to create my Senior Portfolio. I said to him “Do you think the kids will ever know what this is” in which my husbands responds to probably not. There are lot of things that I can think that my children won’t remember or ever be introduced to that I as a kids loved, and used all the time. Let me say for the record I am not old, but things like this certainly “date” me. I will only be 28 this upcoming August but I didn’t realize how much things have changed since then.


What I was happy to see was still around and in circulation was Reading Rainbow starring LeVar Burton. I grew up watching these programs/movies in school. I remember getting to turn the lights off and watching an episode pertaining to the weeks lesson.

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One of my favorite stories is If You Give A Mouse A Cookie! It’s a great book that teaches chain reactions, and how to prepare for the next step of something. The little mouse is just the cutest and my children really loved watching this. They were easily swept up in the learning and curiosity of each story!


Along with classic and remembered If You Give A Mouse A Cookie story, there were movie actors I watched while growing up such as Matthew Broderick who read the story Owen. As a mother I can truly appreciate the messages behind each of these stories, but through my children’s eyes the eagerness to learn and discover things.


Above is the list of all the stories narrated on this DVD. If you’re interested in sharing this with your children like I did mine you can purchase it here form the PBSshop. I am sure your children will love it just as much as mine did. If not, take the time to reminisce about the “good ol’ days”. That wasn’t something I saw myself saying for many, many years.

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