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Real Good Foods

Pizza tends to be a lot of people’s go to quick and easy meal. However since bariatric surgery in May I can’t consume carbs like the rest of us. I didn’t want to sacrifice my diet, and meal plan because of Pizza! I will admit though, I very much missed pizza! Truthfully I’m all about the meat, sauce and cheese! That alone can satisfy my craving for pizza! Which is why lucky for me, and for you there’s a hands down way better pizza out there! Thanks to Real Good Foods you can now enjoy all the deliciousness of pizza, but at a completely flopped macro ratio!

Real Good Foods- Why Pick Us!?

Their personal 5″ pizza’s have a total of 25g of protein in them! That’s simply amazing! Especially when it’s stacked up next to the 4g of Carbs! There’s probably more than 4g of carbs in a decent size bite of regular pizza! Their secret is by using an all natural Parmesan Chicken Crust! Sure the “crust” doesn’t get as crispy as typical crust would. However with that being said, I personally don’t miss that, and find the over all flavor better! These personal sized pizza’s are the absolute perfect size for my newly sized stomach!

Take a moment and further compare Real Good Food’s Pizza to other’s on the market!

Sizing and Flavor Combinations:

Real Good Pizza is offered in two different sizes. The above mentioned Personal 5″ Pizza

As well as the 2 serving 7″ Large Pizza!

Available Flavors Pepperoni, Three Cheese, Supreme

Breakfast Pizza’s are also available with Egg, Cheese and your choice of Pepperoni, Sausage or Bacon!



Pricing on the pizza varies based on the number of cases/pizza’s you’re looking to purchase! That being said though they’re offering to help both my readers, and family out! My in laws lost their home to a house fire on November 28th, 2017! They lost everything but the clothes on their backs, and vehicles they drove to work. If you’re looking for a family to help out this Christmas, consider mine! Use the code REBUILD for 10% off your online purchase and 6% off the commissions go directly to my in-laws for rebuilding costs! I want to thank Real Good Foods for this amazing opportunity! To not only share an amazing product that I will be purchasing regularly, but to help my family out!


Please take a moment and check them out at @RealGoodFoods


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