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Since starting my blog I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the content that is put into each of my reviews, or that the items I am reviewing are of requested nature. However I’d like to keep things real and also update on all of the happenings that have gone on since becoming a Products and Service Review Blogger. People might not know who I am as a person just yet, and that’s okay. I just encourage each of you to follow my blog if you’ve liked any of the previous posts, and reviews. I have had several people also ask me how I get the things I blog about. I tell them the honest truth, just like I do in each and every one of my blog reviews. I am sent the products by the company for free in return I give my honest feedback and suggestion. Now, I will say that it doesn’t work as easy as just contacting a company and asking them to review said product. There are several factors that go into a consideration by a company on if they’d like for you to join their team of bloggers and review their products.

You have to have a blog established before approaching any company for consideration. They want to know that you’re serious in what you’re doing, and that their product will some how reach at least SOMEONE via their blog, or other social media outlets. I was given a few tips from a friend of mine when I first created my blog. I was advised to review products that I already had at home. Products that I loved, and bought on a regular, or semi regular basis. Companies also love seeing this. They want to know the general category in which your product reviews fall. If you didn’t know me, and you were to stumble upon my blog you’d eventually see that I am a mother of two children, and am married. So a lot of the items I tend to review are children, or family oriented. I am also really into keeping my eating habits as healthy and organic/clean as possible so you’ll see a lot of food like that reviewed.

You might not be married, or care too much about your diet so your product review interests might be totally different then mine. You maybe a gamer, or someone who is really into art, or music. You can choose to ONLY review on category of products where I chose to review a wide variety of items. Make your blog as personal to you as possible. It gives your readers, and your potential company partners to know who you are, and what you’re audience is like.

Don’t get discouraged by the speed in which your blog takes off. Keep doing what you’re doing, and stay consistent and you’ll eventually grow. Bloggers have to blog for themselves first, before expecting to gain a following. Keep it read, genuine, and authentic as you can. Write about what you know before pitching companies, and build the core of your blog around that. The rest will follow in line and you’ll be getting packages in no time.

There is a lot more that can be said about starting a products review blog but for now I will leave it at that. If you think this is something you’d be interested in doing, please don’t hesitate to ask me for advice. I have learned a lot of the course of the month I’ve been reviewing and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you.

Until then Happy Reading, and Reviewing!

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