Reviewing The Best LitRPG Books For Kids

Do you ever worry that your kids are spending too much time in front of a screen? That their cultural diet of TV shows, video games and the hodge podge of weird and wonderful content they discern from YouTube might be stunting their imaginative and intellectual growth? Do you wish that they would read more and learn to appreciate the vivid worlds that can be crafted by their imaginations while improving their literary skills. If you ever wished that you could combine the sense of immersion and agency that come with video games with the good old-fashioned fun of reading, the world of LItRPG may be the answer.


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What is LitRPG?

LitRPG or Literary Role Playing Games are narrative books that are set in a range of different worlds and work just like regular books in that the story unfolds as your kids read along. Except unlike most books, your son or daughter gets to control the narrative by turning to different page or paragraph numbers to affect the outcome of the story in different ways. Thus they can read the same book time after time while still having a different experience every time. While LitRPG books are enjoyed by adults of all ages, there are many great LitRPGs for kids.

What are the best LitRPG books?

This depends on your child’s age and reading level. There are some books which are very accessible to younger or less experienced readers, while others are more elaborate, involving dice and score sheets as readers do battle with various monsters and assorted baddies throughout the course of their adventures.

Choose Your Own Adventure

These are great starter books for younger readers as they tell a broad range of child friendly topics. While readers have total control over their adventures, and the choices they make affect the narrative in meaningful and varied ways there is no fighting or risk of death in the books, meaning that while they may experience a slightly different ending every time, they’ll inevitably get to the end if they persevere.

The Lone Wolf Series

These are perfect for preteens with a taste for fantasy. While the stories in the Lone Wolf Series by the late Joe Dever are many and varied, they all feature the same titular hero; the Kai Lord known as The Lone Wolf. The great thing is that the more books the reader gets through, the more skills and powers they accumulate as they gain experience in the books. The stories have their own mythologically rich world that is just as fascinating and compelling as The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars and while they are more challenging than, say, the Choose Your Own Adventure books, they are truly immersive and sophisticated in their storytelling.

The Fighting Fantasy Series

Unlike the Lone Wolf series the Fighting Fantasy books by Steve Jackson and Ian livingstone have no recurring characters and each takes place in its own pocket world. This allows them to tell a much broader range of stories making them appealing to your son or daughter’s personal sensibilities. If they want to slay vampires, there’s a book for that. If they want to be a superhero, there’s a book for that.

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