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Do you happen to have a little girl you’re looking to purchase a Christmas gift for? What about a little girl who’s into creating something beautiful! Something like jewelry for herself or friends! If that’s the case then boy do I have something for you! This holiday season consider shopping with the RoseArt brand! Aside from their well known art supplies, they are also creators of several art activity kits!

About RoseArt CharMini’s:

For holiday 2017, RoseArt is proud to introduce the CharMinis line, a fun new mini charm maker.
Through the magic of water-activated fusing materials, CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio lets girls create their own adorable mini charms to wear and share with friends.

With themes like “sweet treats” (cakes, pies and ice cream cones) and “fashion icons” (hearts, stars and bows), each kit comes with hundreds of options to make colorful, sparkly tiny charms.

Kids select the charm pieces they want to combine, fuse them together with water, then stack and watch as they magically stick together. A fun Glitterizer globe allows girls to add sparkle and gloss. Then girls can add the charms to bracelets and necklaces (parts included in the kit) or display on an included stand.

SPR $24.99.

In addition to the large starter kit they offer additional packages for more customization to your jewelry making. The add on packs are $5.99 at places like Targert and Toy’s R Us!

This product while is recommended for 6 years of age and older, my 4 year old loves this kind of stuff. It allows us the opportunity to create something beautiful together. What is also nice, it’s some what of 2 gifts in one. I gift something like this to my daughter, and in return she can create a personalized, hand made gift for someone! As a parent I also like that there isn’t a long list of directions, and water is the main source of bondage. There’s no mixing of chemicals or glues to get this project to hold together!

Consider checking out RoseArt for other fun activities you can perhaps add to your childs stockings. Or perhaps even under the tree this year!

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