1420995290906The name of this review pretty much says it all, well sort of. You’re probably thinking what the heck is a selfie stick, and why would I even want one. Well, if we’re all being honest I bet you have at one point or another taken a selfie, either by yourself or in a group. My husband so nicely pointed out that is it truly called a selfie if it’s of an entire group…. and well, I literally have no idea but whatever. The selfie is a global phenomenon that was made famous right around the time all these fancy high tech smart phones started coming out. I am not going to lie, I on occasion don’t mind taking a selfie or two of myself, but there are definitely some people out there who spend a lot of time mastering the perfect selfie. With the Selfie On A Stick you can do just that in a matter of seconds.


It looks like this and all you do is slide your phone into the adjustable spring at the top.

Once your phone is in there securely, set the time on your phone, and extend your arm and pose! It’s great for playing with angles, or capturing a wider framed audience because of how high the stick actually extends.


Selfie On A Stick also comes with an option to have a wireless remote clicker. It allows you to snap your photos or start a video by remote vs having to set the timer on your phone. It comes in handy for taking big group shots, or if you’re obsessive and want to take several different poses in just a few seconds. Seriously though, who ever just takes ONE selfie and nails it on the first shot? The remote needs to be synced with your phone, and its compatible with both Iphone, and Android phones. You’ll also have to download the app within your app store.


Within the app it has several different filter settings you can mess with. Here are a few of my selfie on a stick photos!

10917467_10152676717957807_1577761640_n 967968_10152676718212807_1206420273_n 10884756_10152676718677807_1312403350_n 10934455_10152676718032807_907032644_n 10922067_10152676718147807_2118660408_n

As you can see it hits a various amount of heights, and angles. Perfect for large group photos, or if you’re at a concert, or play and you need to see over someones head. Keep the Selfie On A Stick on you at all times.

selfie-stick 1a

My husband and I thought of several different uses for it other then just using it to take selfies (Although sadly only one pops into my head as of right now). We thought it maybe perfect to prop up in the car and allow our children to watch a movie on our phone while in the car. This is a great gift for anyone you know who loves taking selfies. Its just a fun little gadget to have on hand. Let me know in the comments below what you think about this niffy gadget. Would you buy it, would you buy it for someone else? If you have any other ideas on how you could use this other then just selfies be sure to let me know too, I’d love to hear from you!

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