Simply Nature Coconut Oil

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  I always try to go the healthier route when cooking with oil. So much so that I substitute it in most recipes for apple sauce. That mostly works for cakes, or baked goods. Tonight my family requested to have my home made general taos chicken. I could go without frying it at all but my husband wasn’t having it. I bake the chicken first and then I put the oil in a pan just to brown it up.


I absolutely love the smell of coconut oil. It bring such a nice aroma into my kitchen. You don’t get that nasty fried smell you get when frying foods with vegetable oil. I first used it the other day when making homemade hash browns and I personally, could taste a faint hint of the actual coconut oil. It gave the dish an over all delicious taste. My husband has a very basic and rather picky pallet, so I was surprised when he said he liked it. The coconut oil kept the chicken nice and moist rather then drying the chicken out.


I found this product while grocery shopping at a local store called Aldis. They are always coming out with new organic and health benefiting products. Sadly the sign said while supplies last so I may end up having to purchase it online unless it’s there again next week for me to stock up on. Anything other then vegetable oil is usually rather expensive. This bottle was 3.99, and is a 14 oz jar.


  Aside from cooking with coconut oil there are so many articles on several other health benefits of coconut oil. It’s great for your hair and skin. I did use a little bit of it on my hands and it was too oily (which is to be expected,  as it is OIL) for my liking. It did however make my hands silky smooth and left a lite aroma of coconut on my skin. I think I’ll continue to experiment with other uses for coconut oil, but for now it’s my go to cooking oil.

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