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With the holidays quickly approaching, who’s in need for some sweet treats to share with their family, friends, co-workers, etc? Well boy do I have a sweet treat for you local readers. Today I sampled some goodies from a local baker named Sarah Brigham who owns SnL Sweet Escapes Bakery. She’s been a successful baker and business owner for about 4 years now. She is a self taught baker and she started her business as a means to stay home with her children and still earn an income. She works out of her home but is licensed to do so. Sarah works with her customers to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction. She does not have set hours, and is willing to deliver your order with in a 10 mile radius.

Without further adieu, lets get into the taste and quality of her baked goods. I sampled a number of different things. So I will break it down by each item since there is so much to say about each. My husband and daughter didn’t say a whole lot as their mouths were constantly full lol.


(Yes some of the items were eaten already, oops)

I first tasted a Sour Cream Sugar Cookie. Now I’ll be the first to admit I am not a huge fan of sugar cookies. Though I know there are lots of people who love sugar cookies, and could eat them year round. What I can say about this cookie was it was incredibly moist. When I bit into it, it didn’t crumble a part, and the flavor was great. It wasn’t my favorite, but that’s because I sampled some other pretty amazing baked goods.  Next was an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. Ohh my gosh, it was delicious. Again it was soft, and just like I think every cookie should be, but again that’s my personal opinion. The ratio of raisins to cookie was perfect. This cookie was my husbands favorite and he said he would be happy if I bought him a dozen of those for his birthday. The third item was my absolute favorite, it was a Chocolate Cake Ball with Peanut Butter Cup piece on top! I give SnL Sweet Escapes major credit for being able to coat those cake balls so perfectly. You do NOT want to see my attempt at chocolate coating a cake ball/pop. My usual complaint about modeled chocolates or chocolates used to coat items are that it leaves a waxy feeling on my teeth after biting into it. I am pleased to announce this had no waxy feeling when bit into. Nice creamy, and smooth chocolate followed up with some peanut butter. In simple terms, pure perfection. I can definitely see myself ordering those for say my sons Holiday party at school. Sure i could make them at home, but we’ve already established that I’m no wheres as good as it as she is. The last two items were a basic chocolate chip cookie and fudge brownie. They were both really good as well, the fudge brownie was a little too fudgey for my liking as I like my brownies at a different consistency, but over all the flavor was spot on. The chocolate chip cookie, though basic was exactly what i think when thinking of the perfect chocolate chip cookies.

Sarah Brigham of SnL Sweet Escapes can be reached in several different ways if you’d like to place an order for any of your holiday or event occasions.

Phone – (585) 750 6986


Facebook- (Stop by and like her page)

Her website is


On her website and Facebook page you’ll find her pricing and terms and conditions for ordering. She is available to do weddings, parties, birthdays, baby showers, etc. Her products can also be found at Hazy Jade Gift Shop here in Albion. I will leave you with a few photos of her work, it speaks for itself. I highly recommend her.

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