Sounding Off On the NEW Caramel M&M’s

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Caramel M&M’s YaY or NaY?!
Caramel M&M's
There isn’t much of an introduction needed for this review and feature. Caramel M&M’s are popping up all over stores. They’re the latest in the flavors for the M&M line. I’m very partial to the peanut butter M&Ms, they’ve been my absolute favorite. I’ll be honest, regular M&M’s aren’t even in my top 3 list.

I decided to try these out 3 days before my surgery (gastric bypass). I knew it would be awhile before I could ever enjoy candy again. My husband was also eager to try the Caramel ones as he’s very much a caramel fan.

       So let’s get into the Caramel M&M’s Review

They’re bigger than the originals, and that could be because they’re filled with caramel. I was disappointed to find out that caramel they used was the chewy, taffy kind. I was hoping more for the gooey, smooth caramel. My husband said he’d eat the rest, but for him they were a bit of a let down. To be honest we had discussed how this flavor combination wasn’t already created. They created pretzel M&M’s before chocolate and caramel?!
I was also put off by the fact that when you chewed it it became gritty. Gritty because of the shell being crushed up inside the chewy caramel. It then didn’t taste much like the caramel flavor but the shell flavor.
My children really enjoy them, but idk how much of a critic they are. They pretty much like any candy they’re allowed to have. We probably won’t be buying these again. We will stick with the peanut butter, peanut and crispy!
Caramel M&M's
Sound off in the comments, did you like the new Caramel M&M’s? If not, why and what’s your favorite flavor? I am excited to see what flavor they come up with next! I did notice that while they are in several stores for purchase they aren’t on their websites to purchase yet.


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