Summer Essentials Easily Created By Zoku

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What are your Summer Essentials?

summer essentials

I come to you with two new items from Zoku. They’re perfect for summer, and easily became my summer essentials. Come to think of it I should create a post of some of my other summer favorites. Other items from Zoku would be listed on there. Their popsicle molds are so adorable, and my children love them. Selfishly though the items I’m going to introduce you do this time, are for me. But first, let me give you a little background on Zoku and what they’re all about.

Our Story

“Zoku is known for our housewares. But really, we’re in the thinking business. We put the fun in functional with innovative. Easy-to-use, well-designed products. Zoku means family in Japanese. The definition goes beyond creating family memories around our products. It speaks to our culture.

Located in the heart of Hoboken, New Jersey, our space is where creativity runs wild. Getting our hands dirty with prototypes and learning by collaborating, building, tasting, and exploring. Our large test kitchen is the backdrop of tasting new recipes. Also bouncing ideas back and forth, and often where we all gather to eat our lunches.

It all started with a seemingly simple idea! What if we could make popsicles freeze faster? After months of research, testing, and prototypes, our Quick Pop Maker was born. We knew we were on to something and soon, Williams-Sonoma agreed, picking us up for their holiday season.

Summer Essentials and Must Haves:


Zoku’s 16 oz Grey Glass Core Bottle- $29.99

Zoku’s 16oz. double-wall suspended Glass Core Bottle is the perfect balance of health, style, and durability. Fill them with your favorite hot or cold beverages and enjoy the flavors in their crispest form—fresh from this pure borosilicate glass bottle. Glass, thread-free mouthpiece will not hold flavors—freeing you to switch between beverages. The strong, triangular tessellation found on the silicone pads protects the bottle from bumps and drops. Take your bottle everywhere without the worry of spilling it! 1/4-turn locking cap system is leak-proof and worry free!

Available online, as well as retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and other mass retailers.

Personal Review:

The design is great! I love the strap attached to the top, easy for carrying it with you. I am a bariatric patient and I need to have water with me at all times. It does seem to keep my cold beverages cold for a bit longer. I wouldn’t say for a great deal longer, but there was a noticeable change. I love that it comes apart all the way to clean with ease. Most importantly though, lets talk about the taste. I was so tired of having my water taste like melted plastic, and chemicals. Drinking out of a glass container is the best thing you can do for yourself. I highly recommend this product, its small enough to carry on summer walks, beach trips, or in the car with you on a drive.

Pairs Nicely With….

Cool Moji Ice Tray $9.99

Add ten extraordinary, lively emoticon ice to your next party’s punch bowl with Zoku’s Cool Moji Ice Tray or use for everyday ice. It’s sure to bring on a laugh! While filling and transporting the ice molds, the tray will keep it steady and prevent spills. Once frozen, remove the ice mold from the tray to easily invert the silicone, releasing the expressive faces—no rinsing required!

Personal Review:

I really enjoy using silicone molds, it really makes the task easier. Everything just seems to slide, and pop right out. These are to exception, they ice falls right out of the molds. I also really enjoy the fact that the mold has a hard surface tray to hold the molds. It’s not always easy to set a silicone mold flat on a surface without it bending. The faces are great, and perfect for an Emoji themed birthday party. There’s also an emoji movie coming out, perhaps host a themed party? Pop these into a ice-bowl and let the face do the talking for you. Being circular in shape can both be nice, or hinder the use of them in a water bottle. Depending on the size of your bottle’s opening they might not fit.

Those are two of my summer essentials, I’d love to hear what’s on your summer’s must have a list! Until then check out @Zoku on social media, and in stores.

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