Super Grow Eggs – Hide em & Hatch em!

Super Grow Eggs

Super Grow EggsAccording to the National Retail Federation, in 2016, Americans spent a whopping $300 million more on candy for Easter than Halloween. Between Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts, children (and their parents) are surrounded by sugary temptations. Rather than loading your baskets with unhealthy candy, surprise your children with an interactive Easter activity and experience the magic of Hide ‘Em & Hatch ‘Em Super Grow Eggs!

How Do Super Grow Eggs work?

  • Simply put the egg in a container and fill with room temperature water. The water level should touch the uppermost section of the egg.
  • The eggshell will begin to slowly break after one to two days. Over the next few days, the pet will continue to grow and hatch out of its shell.
  • Each day, empty the water and replace with clean water. This will help your pet to hatch and continue to grow.
  • Once hatched, keep your pet in water up to three weeks for continued growth, or remove to play with your surprise new friend.

Offered in 2 series, featuring 6 characters (Chick, Duck, Bunny Rabbit, Frog, Kitten and Bird), these adorable eggs can be easily integrated into an Easter Basket, egg hunt, or any holiday activity.

Super Grow eggs are perfectly sized for seamless integration with your existing egg hunts and make a great healthy alternative to the typical candy gifts given during the Easter holiday.

Purchasing Information:

  • Hide ‘Em & Hatch ‘Em  (3-pack): $9.99
  • Hide ‘Em & Hatch ‘Em (Single Pack): $3.99
  • Animal Planet (3-pack): $11.99

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