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 I bring to you another subscription box you can receive monthly, right to your door step! If you’re anything like my husband, who when he want’s something sweet, he has to have it “right now”! Which is why it’s nice to have the option to have it come monthly in the mail. As you can imagine there are a lot of options out there. However SweetsGiftBox is creative in their product selections!


They’ve made it their mission to find you the most delicious sweets in the world. Through research and taste testing, they promise to only deliver the most decadent, delicious treats to your doorstep. From gourmet cookies and chocolates, to artisan candies and treats, we guarantee our sweets will satisfy your sweet tooth!


Each month they have new themes you can enjoy while exploring your box of goodies! This particular box is the Taste of Outer Space!

Sweets Included:


     Two Moon Shortbread Lemon Sugar! 

I wasn’t overly pleased by this cookie. Usually I really enjoy anything lemon flavored! However this wasn’t something I enjoyed! It didn’t have the shortbread taste to it. The lemon flavor was almost to artificial tasting. Also, let it be known I don’t generally like crunchy cookies!

Mayana Chocolate: Space Bar (Toasted Almond-Vanilla Bean Nougat, fleur, caramel and 66% Dark Chocolate. Surprisingly I enjoyed this, it was certainly different though. That being said, it’s really sweet! Which means I don’t recommend eating it all in one sitting. It’s also really thick, and soft. So it may become messy, so be careful when eating.

Also included in the first picture of the boxes contents were Marshmallows with Galaxy edible prints on top of them. Again, I wasn’t overly impressed with the marshmallows. The prints made them almost non-edible in my opinion. They didn’t taste right with them on there. The galaxy sucker was very appealing to the eyes. Both my children fought over it, so for now it’s being used as a decoration piece in my office!

The UFO Crunch was pretty good, as long as you like flavored popcorn! It came with some nuts mixed into the bunch! Not really sure how this tied into the Space theme, but it tasted good!

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One Low Price  $25/month

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