Night Owl Paper Goods

Every since I was a child I've had this weird (or so I think) obsession with notebooks, paper any type of stationary for that matter. I remember my mom bringing home the recycled paper from her works recycling bin for me to draw on, and play pretend with. I am what I consider a very organized person and I really like to make lists and have written plans for all areas of my life! I feel it helps my … [Read more...]

Marvin’s Corner

Everyone has that one thing that makes them happy, and that they are good at. If you're lucky you may even have more than one thing that you're really good at. However Tiffany the creator, and owner of a small business called Marvin's Corner is amazing at what she does! She uses polymer clay to hand craft unique, one of a kind inedible food jewelry!  I am a huge, huge fan of hand-made items and … [Read more...]

Real Kids Shades

Attention parents of little kids!! Did you know that sunglasses are not a children's accessory, but their necessity! The sun can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your little ones eyes. Children's eyes have more of a risk of having permanent damage until the age of 10. The best way to look at is like this. You wouldn't allow your children to ride their bikes with out their protective gear, … [Read more...]

FlexWatches- Buy One & Make A Difference!

If I could create a business by selling a great product to consumers all while helping people in need by donating part of my profits to so many different charitable organizations, I hands down would do so! Which is exactly what the owners and founders of Flex Watches Travis Lubinksky and Trevor Jones have done. They have created a wonderful product that appeal to so many, and price it at an … [Read more...]

The Ruffled Owl Bowtique

  After finding out I was having a girl I did what most moms do and went on a hunt for all things girly. I was THAT mom, who wanted hair bows, head bands, dresses, tutus... you name it I wanted it. Well lucky for me a fellow mommy in a moms group I am in for August 2013 babies makes just about the cutest thing's I have ever seen!!! … [Read more...]

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