Featured on Shark Tank- Bottle Bright

Bottle Bright If you've followed me from the beginning you'd know that I have two children. One of which will be two years old next month. So we are still in the sippy cup stage with one, and the other, my oldest is obsessed with water bottles for summer time! What does that mean for me exactly? It means stained, smelly and hard to clean portable drink ware! Well, that is no more of a problem now … [Read more...]

Kiss Naturals DIY Craft Kits & GIVEAWAY

  The kid in me was really excited to try out this next product. Okay, the mom in me was pretty excited as well. Kiss Naturals is a company native to Canada that provides your family a fun, easy DIY craft kit. They have a wide range of DIY kits that you can do at home with your children. What I love about them is that they are affordable, and made with ingredients that are natural, and not altered … [Read more...]

Binky Spritz by Spritz Blitz

 As a mother I've noticed I've become a bit more of a germ "freak" then I use to be. I wouldn't say that I am an extremest when it comes to making sure I come into no contact with germs because I am a realist and know that it's almost impossible. I do however know what precautions to take to make sure that sickness and unwanted germs at kept at bay. Spritz Blitz has made the job a bit easier for … [Read more...]

Maple Holistics

  I've covered a wide base of organic products on my blog and I hope everyone is liking that. I bring to you yet again, another organic product from Maple Holistics. I was sent a shampoo and conditioner to try out on my hair, that is made for any hair type. … [Read more...]

Veggie-Go’s from Naked Edge Snacks & GIVEAWAY

I come to you with another healthy, organic snack from Naked Edge Snacks! I was really curious to try out their Veggie-Go's since I always look for ways to in cooperate fruits and veggies into my children's diet in a fun way. I thought this would be a perfect way to try to do so, and with more of a variety of selection. … [Read more...]

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