Chefs Vision Knives, Encourage the Chef in You!

"CHEFS VISION SETS THE BAR HIGH FOR CUTLERY STANDARDS" This post fits nicely into a little secret I've been keeping from some of you. Last October I made the choice to have weight loss surgery.  I will do several posts specific to my journey and goals. Which is why I wanted to introduce you to an Amazon seller of some pretty extraordinary knives. I know, what do knives have to do with bariatric … [Read more...]

Huuman Blacklight Neon Body Paint

Huuman Blacklight Body Paint! Are you looking for away to get the kids involved in something fun and safe this summer?! Why not try out Huuman Blacklight Body Paint, that can be purchased on Amazon! If your children are like mine they will use any excuse to use markers, and paint on their bodies. I always fear that the chemicals, and toxins within those paints will absorb into their skin and make … [Read more...]

Featured on Shark Tank- Bottle Bright

Bottle Bright If you've followed me from the beginning you'd know that I have two children. One of which will be two years old next month. So we are still in the sippy cup stage with one, and the other, my oldest is obsessed with water bottles for summer time! What does that mean for me exactly? It means stained, smelly and hard to clean portable drink ware! Well, that is no more of a problem now … [Read more...]

Lavievert Decorative Pillow Cases

Becoming a home owner has to be one of the best things that has happened to my husband and I. Some how owning a home changes so many things, they way we look ta things and the way we feel about ourselves. I don't want to get all deep here, but taking a moment to really picture how you'd like each room in your home to look is something we hadn't given a second thought to until now. Adam and I had a … [Read more...]

Ozeri- Green Earth Pan

This review will be well appreciated by those of you who like to cook. I know I can't be the only one who buys a non-stick pan and out of fear still sprays it. I've had several situations where I've gone to use a non-stick pan for eggs, or grilled cheese and trusted it word and wound up with half my food stuck to the bottom of the pan. I am over the moon with this next product, for several … [Read more...]

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