Pizza Dogs?!

I am going to do something a little different with this review! I often times have things come my way that I could totally review, and I forget to write it down. However this time I remembered and I am excited to share with you this review about Pizza Hot Dogs that came across my news feed on Facebook. Some of my Facebook friends and followers may have already seen the video but if you haven't you … [Read more...]

Cupcake Merry-Go-Round **GIVEAWAY ATTACHED**

Before my love for blogging, and reviewing products I love I was huge into baking. Some of my most favorite things to do is to make cupcakes. My husbands grandfather loves cupcakes and for Christmas I made a bunch of them and gave them to him as his gift. As you can see in the picture there wasn't a nice way to display the left over cupcakes that I had so I just put them on this large black tray! … [Read more...]

The Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook

Some of you may have seen my YouTube video my husband and I did taste testing a few of these mug cakes out! I knew from the moment I was offered to review this book that I would hands down without a doubt LOVE this book, and I was right! Its simple, easy and perfect for anyone looking to have their sweet tooth satisfied at a quick rate. … [Read more...]

Fairytale Brownies & GIVEAWAY

Yes, the title does say Brownies, your eyes do not deceive you! Now in my household brownies are a very rare occasion, and my husband would be the first to tell you how disappointed he is in that. I don’t like to keep brownie, or cookie mix on hand because it’s so easy to make and even easier to eat! Lets me honest, if I made a pan of brownies and say I’m only going to eat one, that usually means … [Read more...]


Cookina allows cooking, baking and grilling the opportunity to be done right! I for one love easy clean up, and the reassurance that my food is going to come out as close to perfection as possible. I was sent three different products to work with, and I have for you a review on two of them.  … [Read more...]

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