Sweetsation’s Bubble Therapy

If you're like every all American family you live within your means, which means you don't always have a ton of extra money to spend on things you'd like. I'd love to go weekly, heck even bi weekly to get a pampering. My feet could more than certainly could use a pedicure and good soaking. However if I'm being 100% real with you, money doesn't allow for those kinds of "extras" for me. So I have to … [Read more...]

Crockpot Cook & Carry with Programmable Feature

I think it's safe to say that everyone knows what a crockpot is, and has probably used one of them at some point in their lives. I was asked to review a cook and carry Crockport that cooks enough food for 7 people. I've owned several crockpots and while I thought they were all the same, they were in fact all very different.  … [Read more...]

Find Your Scent With Scent Trunk **Price Update**

I love reviewing subscription boxes, for several reasons but mostly because I am amazed at the wide variety of subscription services available. Whatever your hobby, niche or love is for I am sure they have a box for it. Scent Trunk is for those of you who truly appreciate a wonderful fragrance, or scent. While I am no expert when it comes to perfume I know what smells good to me, and what doesn't. … [Read more...]

Summer Designs from Carmex Moisture Plus®

Carmex Moisture Plus is introducing their Summer designs of their lipbalm. I fell in love with these designs as they are super elegant, and trendy. These were corrected to help women feel confident and glamorous while applying Carmex Moisture Plus to nourish their lips.  These designs are limited edition so get them while you can. I absolutely adore this cherry blossom design on the "Chic" … [Read more...]

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

I am excited to bring to you all a great company that specializes in organic, natural and chemical free cosmetics. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques really caught my eye with their mission and eagerness to produce such a wonderful cosmetic line. I have really enjoyed experimenting with different colors, and looks when it comes to doing my  makeup. Which I have been doing a lot more recently, in keeping … [Read more...]

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