Mix, Match & Attach with Chapstick Duo’s

Chapstick Duo's make it possible to have up to 28 different flavor combinations!!   I've shared with you in the past several products from the brand Chapstick! However this is unlike anything else I've shared with you from them. It's not your ordinary tube of lip balm. This gives you, the user the ability to create something unique and user specific. … [Read more...]

Sparkle Box $19/mos

Where are all my jewelry lovers at, because this box is for you! Sparkle Box is a subscription service that sends you 2-3 pieces of jewelry of your style choice. This box ships monthly for $19.00 a month. You have the following style choices when signing up for Sparkle Box.  … [Read more...]

Summer Designs from Carmex Moisture Plus®

Carmex Moisture Plus is introducing their Summer designs of their lipbalm. I fell in love with these designs as they are super elegant, and trendy. These were corrected to help women feel confident and glamorous while applying Carmex Moisture Plus to nourish their lips.  These designs are limited edition so get them while you can. I absolutely adore this cherry blossom design on the "Chic" … [Read more...]

NEW! NYC New York Color Matte Lip Color

NYC New York Color has done it again! They've made a lip product that I can be crazy happy about. They have created 5 new shades for all of to enjoy during the day, or evening. The new shades are as follows- Smooth Beige, Creamy Mauve, Pure Coral, Velvety Fuchsia, Red Suede. I was so excited to hear about these new colors especially the Pure Coral color. I needed a new fun & bold color to wear … [Read more...]

Sincerely Mini Roller by Harvey Prince

The sense of smell is really one of the most imaginative senses we get to experience each day. Certain scents bring back certain memories for me. The sweet smell of cookies baking reminds me of my mom baking in the kitchen while growing up. On the other end of the spectrum there is the smell of rotten, dead animals that remind me of the time my family and I were stuck behind the guy who cleans up … [Read more...]

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