Ola- Hawaiian Body Products & FLASH GIVEAWAY

¬†When I first contacted the Hawaiian Body Products company I had my sister and niece in mind. My sister lived in Hawaii and my niece was born on that very island. Danielle (my sister) is an avid reader, and supporter of my blog and I wanted something that I knew she'd be sure to enjoy! Not only is the products themselves that Hawaiian Body Products sell amazing, but so is their background. … [Read more...]

Dove Dry Spray Deodorant

I have a hard time picking just the right deodorant for my sensitive skin. There are only a few I can use, but only ONE I truly love for my skin. Dove skin care products are my go to skin care products when it comes to my sensitive and dry skin. Besides the sensitive skin I also struggle with a deodorant that stays around all day fighting the odor sweat causes. … [Read more...]