Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why

Are you planning a trip to the zoo anytime soon, if so be sure to pick up Jack Hanna's Big Book Of Why. It's a great tool to help with the commonly asked questions by children of "Why" and "Did you know". The book covers all areas of the world from the Desert, to the Rainforest even the Ocean! Answering lots of questions that even as an adult I'd love to know! This is a great book to keep the … [Read more...]

Mac N’ Cheese To The Rescue by Kristen Kuchar

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone, specially those of you who celebrate it. I just use it to have tacos for dinner that way no one says " aw man, again". YES again, why not, tacos are probably one of the best foods on the planet. It should be its own food group, just like someone would say Mac N Cheese should be. I know my husband would agree with me on that one. He would eat macaroni and cheese … [Read more...]

Sorry I had Sex On Your Bed

I was recently sent about 15 books to read and review and I've reviewed a few of them already but this has to be one of my favorite ones. My husband laughed so hard at some of these Tear Out Apologies that might come in handy for those awkward moments. Such as Sorry I Had Sex On Your Bed!   … [Read more...]

Dining Out At Home Cookbook by Stephanie Manley

Dining out has become more of a rare occasion these days with everyone watching what they are spending. Going out to eat for most is just out of the question, the price of a one family meal out could essentially be a weeks worth of groceries instead. Which is why taking some of your favorite dishes that you usually order out and make them at home. Which is exactly what author and recipe creator … [Read more...]

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