Sorry I had Sex On Your Bed

I was recently sent about 15 books to read and review and I've reviewed a few of them already but this has to be one of my favorite ones. My husband laughed so hard at some of these Tear Out Apologies that might come in handy for those awkward moments. Such as Sorry I Had Sex On Your Bed!   … [Read more...]

The Ginormous Book Of Dirty Jokes

I bring to you on this wonderful Friday afternoon a book published by Ulysses Press. It's a book that once you start reading you find it very hard to put down, but can pick it up later and start from anywhere you'd like in the book! This particular book will have you laughing to yourself, and you'll find at times you just can't hold it in and you laugh out loud. The book in review for today is The … [Read more...]

Dining Out At Home Cookbook by Stephanie Manley

Dining out has become more of a rare occasion these days with everyone watching what they are spending. Going out to eat for most is just out of the question, the price of a one family meal out could essentially be a weeks worth of groceries instead. Which is why taking some of your favorite dishes that you usually order out and make them at home. Which is exactly what author and recipe creator … [Read more...]

Ulysses Press

This review is something a little different. I haven't really reviewed any books or publications. I reached out to Ulysses Press to see if I could review some of their authors pieces of work. They offered the opportunity to choose my own books for review. I chose two within in the healthy eating category. They were both great pieces though one was more my style then the other. So let's get into … [Read more...]

I.See.Me ♥ Personalized Books

Continuing on with my Valentines Day Gift Guide items is this wonderfully made personalized child book I received from I See Me! for Raeya!  It is called Who Love's You, Raeya?  by Nina Laden. I was looking for a gift I could give to my 17 mos old daughter that wasn't full of sugar, and wasn't going to collect dust like most Valentine's Day stuffed animals do. Lets be honest- a stuffed animal is … [Read more...]

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