Marvin’s Corner

Everyone has that one thing that makes them happy, and that they are good at. If you're lucky you may even have more than one thing that you're really good at. However Tiffany the creator, and owner of a small business called Marvin's Corner is amazing at what she does! She uses polymer clay to hand craft unique, one of a kind inedible food jewelry!  I am a huge, huge fan of hand-made items and … [Read more...]

End Your Night With A Fairytale… Fairytale Brownies and Bars w/ GIVEAWAY

My family always enjoys when I get a product that we can review together! Fairytale Brownies is one of their most favorite reviews I've done in the past with them. We fell in love with Fairytale Brownies a few months back when reviewed their brownies. My husband sure loves his brownies, and I'm afraid store bought, or Betty Crocker brownies just don't cut it for him anymore.  … [Read more...]

Know a Father That Has a Sweet Tooth?

I am excited to announce that I've partnered with Alyssa over at Fairytale Brownies again to bring you some exciting products and an update on Father's Day products and shipping deadlines. If you know a dad that has a sweet tooth like my husband then this is a perfect gift for the upcoming Father's Day holiday. … [Read more...]

Fairytale Brownies & GIVEAWAY

Yes, the title does say Brownies, your eyes do not deceive you! Now in my household brownies are a very rare occasion, and my husband would be the first to tell you how disappointed he is in that. I don’t like to keep brownie, or cookie mix on hand because it’s so easy to make and even easier to eat! Lets me honest, if I made a pan of brownies and say I’m only going to eat one, that usually means … [Read more...]

Brownie Brittle- It’s Heaven Sent

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to review this product. I have been seeing Brownie Brittle around in stores for a few months now and thought I'd pick up a bag and test it out. Though each week I'd forget to pick one up and do just that. So one night while I was working on building my network and businesses I work with I stopped to think about all of those products I've been … [Read more...]

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