Limited Edition Holiday ChapStick, Put Your Lips First!

Holiday ChapStick Limited 2017 Edition! Each year ChapStick releases some limited edition Holiday ChapStick flavors! This years collection will provide you with three new flavors! Along with the newest, and possibly best flavors yet, come the returning flavors! These holiday inspired ChapSticks are great for gift giving and putting in stockings! Who doesn't love soft, smooth lips?! With that … [Read more...]

Mix, Match & Attach with Chapstick Duo’s

Chapstick Duo's make it possible to have up to 28 different flavor combinations!!   I've shared with you in the past several products from the brand Chapstick! However this is unlike anything else I've shared with you from them. It's not your ordinary tube of lip balm. This gives you, the user the ability to create something unique and user specific. … [Read more...]

ChapStick **Limited Edition** Tropical Paradise Collection

I come to you with a heads up with what's on the way from ChapStick! I got the opportunity to review these Limited Edition Tropical Paradise Collection ChapStick before it's released to stores. The flavor combinations were just what I needed to get me excited about spring! I absolutely loved the formula and consistency of each stick, but what really set them apart from the rest was their bold … [Read more...]

Prepare for the Holidays with Chapstick and PEEPS!

Chapstick gets you mistletoe ready, and keep your lips feeling fresh and hydrated. You don't have time to worry about cracked, dry lips when it comes to the holiday season. The candy cane chapstick was just what I needed to stay in the holiday spirit. I've said it several times before, and I will continue to say it. No matter how much water I drink, my skin always manages to dry out horribly … [Read more...]

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