KidzBOP 29

Growing up I listened to all the popular music that hit the radio, even if it wasn't always appropriate. My mother would scoff at the idea of radio stations playing music that didn't always sensor the "bad words" from their lyrics. Which is why when Kidz Bop came to stores that offered the same sound and song but with an edited version for children to listen to. … [Read more...]

PBS Kids * Wild Kratts * Super Sprinters

  My family and I don't have cable TV, but we do have Netflix, and Hulu that we can stream on. I was afraid that by not having cable TV my children wouldn't have as much of a selection of education TV. Boy was I wrong, and happily so, my son always manages to really enjoy the PBS Kids shows and for that I am thankful. There are lots of options for educational television with PBS Kids, and one of … [Read more...]

Curious George 3 – Back to the Jungle

Arriving on DVD June 23rd 2015 from Universal Studious is everyone's favorite, energetic and curious monkey George. If you're like me and have grown up watching, and reading Curious George you know he's gotten himself into some pretty sticky situations, and made a few messes along the way. This time George gets himself on a one way crash-land in Africa.  … [Read more...]

Caillou Helps Out

My 6 year old son "grew up" watching Caillou. I think he loved watching Caillou learn all sorts of real life things. As a child, he could relate to a lot if not most of the situations on the cartoon. Caillou Helps Out is a 7 episode DVD that brings to light the concept of working together, and being aware of others feelings. … [Read more...]


Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for. My children are my pride and joy and essential my entire world. I try my best to keep them as safe as possible in all areas of their life. Bathroom use is certainly no exception in our household. I maybe a paranoid mom, but I also know that accidents can happen at any second and I try my best to prevent those. With the help … [Read more...]

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