Mother’s Day 2015

I wanted to take a moment and wish a wonderful Happy Mother's Day to all my readers who happen to be a mom! Also a Happy Mother's Day too all the Fathers taking on the role of being a Mom and Dad. Often times when we're asked what we'd like for Mother's Day we all have that ideal day planned out in our head. I know that a lot of us mothers out there would love to sleep in and wake up to breakfast … [Read more...]

Flower Power Saha Tote/Diaper Bag by Okiedog

Today's review is on the Okiedog Flower Power Saha Tote/Diaper Bag. I previously reviewed the Okiedog's WildPacks (little kid backpacks) and you can find that full review here. You should know that after these two products I have absolutely fallen in love with this company and their products. Makes me wish I had known about them sooner. The quality of this bag is outstanding, and the design is … [Read more...]

Owl WildPack by OkieDog

My youngest child has been signed up to attend something here in NYS called Headstart. The easiest way to explain what it is, is by saying it's PRE Pre-School. My daughter is 20 mos old so her "teacher" comes to our home once a week for an hour and half to play with her and to continue developing her social interaction skills and strengthen her fine and gross motor skills. Well every other Friday … [Read more...]

Real Kids Shades

Attention parents of little kids!! Did you know that sunglasses are not a children's accessory, but their necessity! The sun can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your little ones eyes. Children's eyes have more of a risk of having permanent damage until the age of 10. The best way to look at is like this. You wouldn't allow your children to ride their bikes with out their protective gear, … [Read more...]

The Sweetest Come Back Since… Ever! ♥ Hostess Cakes ♥

There isn't much introduction needed for this review! It's the well known, and even more well loved Hostess Cakes Company!! This is actually part of my Valentine's Day Gift Guide series. I contacted them because I knew they had to have something that they put out for the Valentine holiday. As a mother of a newly school aged child, there are so many rules about what things can be brought in to eat. … [Read more...]

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