Chefs Vision Knives, Encourage the Chef in You!

"CHEFS VISION SETS THE BAR HIGH FOR CUTLERY STANDARDS" This post fits nicely into a little secret I've been keeping from some of you. Last October I made the choice to have weight loss surgery.  I will do several posts specific to my journey and goals. Which is why I wanted to introduce you to an Amazon seller of some pretty extraordinary knives. I know, what do knives have to do with bariatric … [Read more...]

Crockpot Cook & Carry with Programmable Feature

I think it's safe to say that everyone knows what a crockpot is, and has probably used one of them at some point in their lives. I was asked to review a cook and carry Crockport that cooks enough food for 7 people. I've owned several crockpots and while I thought they were all the same, they were in fact all very different.  … [Read more...]

Cookbooks & Crockpot

I am working again with the same company that sent me the Kindle Fire & Cook Books for review. This time I got two more books to review as well as a Crockpot. I haven't gotten the Crockpot yet, but I wanted to review for you the books I got the opportunity to review. … [Read more...]

Ozeri- Green Earth Pan

This review will be well appreciated by those of you who like to cook. I know I can't be the only one who buys a non-stick pan and out of fear still sprays it. I've had several situations where I've gone to use a non-stick pan for eggs, or grilled cheese and trusted it word and wound up with half my food stuck to the bottom of the pan. I am over the moon with this next product, for several … [Read more...]

Mac N’ Cheese To The Rescue by Kristen Kuchar

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone, specially those of you who celebrate it. I just use it to have tacos for dinner that way no one says " aw man, again". YES again, why not, tacos are probably one of the best foods on the planet. It should be its own food group, just like someone would say Mac N Cheese should be. I know my husband would agree with me on that one. He would eat macaroni and cheese … [Read more...]

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