End Your Night With A Fairytale… Fairytale Brownies and Bars w/ GIVEAWAY

My family always enjoys when I get a product that we can review together! Fairytale Brownies is one of their most favorite reviews I've done in the past with them. We fell in love with Fairytale Brownies a few months back when reviewed their brownies. My husband sure loves his brownies, and I'm afraid store bought, or Betty Crocker brownies just don't cut it for him anymore.  … [Read more...]

The Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook

Some of you may have seen my YouTube video my husband and I did taste testing a few of these mug cakes out! I knew from the moment I was offered to review this book that I would hands down without a doubt LOVE this book, and I was right! Its simple, easy and perfect for anyone looking to have their sweet tooth satisfied at a quick rate. … [Read more...]

Fairytale Brownies & GIVEAWAY

Yes, the title does say Brownies, your eyes do not deceive you! Now in my household brownies are a very rare occasion, and my husband would be the first to tell you how disappointed he is in that. I don’t like to keep brownie, or cookie mix on hand because it’s so easy to make and even easier to eat! Lets me honest, if I made a pan of brownies and say I’m only going to eat one, that usually means … [Read more...]

♥ Plush Puffs ♥

Good evening everyone! I have had so much awesome stuff arrive here within the last couple days so I am going to try to get them all up as soon as possible. With the Easter holiday coming up I have a lot happening for you guys that I need to stay on track with it all. I recently took my reviewing to YouTube, I felt that some reviews would shine better in video then in just a written review. Plush … [Read more...]

The Sweetest Come Back Since… Ever! ♥ Hostess Cakes ♥

There isn't much introduction needed for this review! It's the well known, and even more well loved Hostess Cakes Company!! This is actually part of my Valentine's Day Gift Guide series. I contacted them because I knew they had to have something that they put out for the Valentine holiday. As a mother of a newly school aged child, there are so many rules about what things can be brought in to eat. … [Read more...]

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