Crockpot Cook & Carry with Programmable Feature

I think it's safe to say that everyone knows what a crockpot is, and has probably used one of them at some point in their lives. I was asked to review a cook and carry Crockport that cooks enough food for 7 people. I've owned several crockpots and while I thought they were all the same, they were in fact all very different.  … [Read more...]

Mac N’ Cheese To The Rescue by Kristen Kuchar

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone, specially those of you who celebrate it. I just use it to have tacos for dinner that way no one says " aw man, again". YES again, why not, tacos are probably one of the best foods on the planet. It should be its own food group, just like someone would say Mac N Cheese should be. I know my husband would agree with me on that one. He would eat macaroni and cheese … [Read more...]

***GIVEAWAY*** Just Add The Bun & You’re Done!

I find this review suitable for this Monday afternoon, I am currently in the process of cooking my newest favorite fish product from Gorton's for my daughter and I for lunch! I am sure none of you are strangers to the Gorton's brand, but have you tried any of their new items on the market? I was sent a wonderful package from Gorton's that my entire family can truly appreciate.  … [Read more...]

Pizza Dogs?!

I am going to do something a little different with this review! I often times have things come my way that I could totally review, and I forget to write it down. However this time I remembered and I am excited to share with you this review about Pizza Hot Dogs that came across my news feed on Facebook. Some of my Facebook friends and followers may have already seen the video but if you haven't you … [Read more...]

Taco Pizza Rolls- *Tonights Dinner*

I am trying something new with this review post- I will be reviewing a new recipe I found on Facebook on another Blog. So with that being said, some of these photos are NOT mine and are from The Girl Who Ate Everything's Blog. Check her out, she's got a lot of great recipe ideas what I will be trying too. So lets get into the Recipe I tried. … [Read more...]

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