Wireless Ear Buds by SoundPEATS

My husband and I have stumbled upon a new wireless headphone brand that we absolutely adore! SoundPEATS is fairly new to the market, and isn't considered a name brand, or at least a brand anyone has heard a ton about. Which is why exactly why we just had to try out their product. I am so glad we did because these are some of the best wireless headphones we've owned and we've owned a few pair that … [Read more...]

Ayden Video Baby Monitor by Levana

  Good morning to each and every one of you! This review has to be one that I've been the most excited about reviewing in a long time. While I enjoy reviewing all the items I get, some really hit home more than others. This one for example is really going to help me out when we finally close on our new home. Levana sent me the Ayden Video Baby Monitor to review. I had contacted them because … [Read more...]

Touch n Snap

This review today might easily be one of the most practical products out there on the market. The product is called the Touch n Snap and it's truly that easy, just wait and see. I wasn't sure that I would have many uses for the Touch n Snap and if it was worth putting on my phone but now I couldn't imagine my phone without it.  … [Read more...]

Kindle Fire HD6

I'd like to think I am a tech savvy person, I usually have pretty up to date devices. I have a touch screen dell windows 8 desk top, an HP laptop, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy s5. I now get to add a Kindle Fire HD6 to my collection. I feel that all these devices serve their own separate purposes so its mandatory to have every single one of them, right!?  … [Read more...]

Aduro AquaSound WSP40 Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Please tell me I am not the only person who likes to listen to music while in the shower, or bathtub. Sometimes the best way to get me moving in the morning is by listening to up beat music. However when I am in the shower and I have my phone sitting on the sink with the music on, I can't hear it. It's almost pointless for me to even try to listen to it that's how bad the sound is. … [Read more...]

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