That’s It

School's out for Summer and if your kids are like mine they want that constant snack. My kids eat three full meals a day, with healthy snack options in between. I wanted to give them as much variety as possible because I know it's "boring" to eat the same foods over and over again. When shopping for fruits and veggies I try and rotate the fruits I get each week. One week it's grapes and apples, … [Read more...]

Torie & Howard Organic Candy Chews

There is something truly amazing about how Torie&Howard became to be. In a nutshell, two people Torie Burke and Howard Slatkin at one point or another faced some pretty difficult health issues. They didn't allow their health complications define them, nor did it stop them from living life. If anything it pushed both of them towards a common goal, eating only the best of what nature has to … [Read more...]


Good afternoon my wonderful readers! Today I bring to you another healthy choice snack option from Fruttata! These as well as some of the other snacks I have mentioned here on my blog before are freeze-dried snacks. My daughter loves the freeze-dried apples that we get at Wal-Mart on a weekly basis. However we have come across some that aren't the best tasting. … [Read more...]

Grandma Hoerner’s Big Slice Apple Pouches

One of my greatest memories of my grandmother was her love to cook. She always made the best tasting food. I loved helping her prep the nightly dinners, and when on break from school she'd make my brother and I the best lunches. There are certain meals that simply can not be replicated, and I hold that dear to my heart along with her memory. In the spirit of honoring grandmothers, I want to … [Read more...]

Veggie-Go’s from Naked Edge Snacks & GIVEAWAY

I come to you with another healthy, organic snack from Naked Edge Snacks! I was really curious to try out their Veggie-Go's since I always look for ways to in cooperate fruits and veggies into my children's diet in a fun way. I thought this would be a perfect way to try to do so, and with more of a variety of selection. … [Read more...]

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