Harry & David Gifts

Mother's Day is quickly approaching us, and I am blessed to have two lovely women to buy for. I like to get my mother and mother in law a gift that is as beautiful and sweet as they are themselves. Which is why when Harry & David asked me to review the Mother's Day Sweet Box I jumped at the opportunity to do so. I will be honest, sometimes I get stuck with ideas on what to get people for … [Read more...]

Ayden Video Baby Monitor by Levana

  Good morning to each and every one of you! This review has to be one that I've been the most excited about reviewing in a long time. While I enjoy reviewing all the items I get, some really hit home more than others. This one for example is really going to help me out when we finally close on our new home. Levana sent me the Ayden Video Baby Monitor to review. I had contacted them because … [Read more...]

Expressively Yours Bracelet

Mothers Day is slowly creeping up on us and I bring to you today a beautiful bracelet from Kell's Gift Shop Suppliers. I've reviewed some of the products that Kelli's offers in their gift shops and I absolutely love them. The variety of gifts they have makes it easy to find something for anyone you're looking to purchase a gift for. Today' s review is going to show case the Mother's Day gift … [Read more...]

Wet Shave Club (Photo Heavy)

Do you or someone or someone you know have the need for shaving frequently? When I came across the Wet Shave Club monthly subscription box I thought of my husband. His facial hair grows at an extremely fast rate and feels like shaving is more like a hassle then something he'd actually spend his time doing. I was hoping that the Wet Shave Club would make the process more enjoyable for him. … [Read more...]

♥♥♥ Albanese-Worlds Best Candy ♥♥♥

Come inside the word of Albanese Candy! Can you believe that for over 30 years Albanese Candy has been making the worlds best gummy bears? Now that sounds a bit biased to me, and without trying them you can't really say they are the worlds best. However, I HAVE tried them, and I am very particular about my gummy bears. I haven't tried anything like these gummy candies. … [Read more...]

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