That’s It

School's out for Summer and if your kids are like mine they want that constant snack. My kids eat three full meals a day, with healthy snack options in between. I wanted to give them as much variety as possible because I know it's "boring" to eat the same foods over and over again. When shopping for fruits and veggies I try and rotate the fruits I get each week. One week it's grapes and apples, … [Read more...]– Gourmet Popcorn

The weather is warmer, kids are almost out of school and that can only mean a few things! Summer time for us means family and friend's get together, have parties and cookouts. It also means the kids are home from school and that leads to all day snacking! My son would snack all day if I let him, and for the most part he chooses healthy snack options. One of our favorite snacks in the house is … [Read more...]

Sneaky’s Savory Spirulina Popcorn

Recently I tried out this new super food packed popcorn by Sneaky's. It's called Savory Spirulina Popcorn. Now if you don't know what Spirulina is, don't panic because I had NO idea what it was either. I did some looking into it so that I could bring you some information that might be useful. … [Read more...]


I was sent coupons to try out the product known as barkTHINS for free. I was really interested in trying them as they are mad up of dark chocolate and with the clean eating plan I am on you can have dark chocolate in moderation. In generally dark chocolate is just better for you then milk chocolate. Their flavors also really had me intrigued to try them out. … [Read more...]

Sexy Pop Popcorn & GIVEAWAY

I sometimes wonder what my UPS man, or FedEx man thinks when I get random packages. Sometimes I get boxes that have the companies logo or name on the outside of the package, other times it's just a plain brown box. This particular package made me laugh when I saw the package, I just knew my UPS man was like huh, I've never heard of Sexy Pop Popcorn! Good! That's exactly why I do these reviews, and … [Read more...]

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