Think Jerky Think Before You Eat!

Think Jerky means Thinking Healthy "Founder Ricky Hirsch was shocked to discover that most jerky products are pumped full of sugar, so he set out to create a jerky that is both healthy and delicious. By partnering with some of the world’s best Chefs, consciously minimizing sugar and salt, and only using the healthiest ingredients, Ricky takes jerky from gas station food to health food." - Our … [Read more...]


Good afternoon my wonderful readers! Today I bring to you another healthy choice snack option from Fruttata! These as well as some of the other snacks I have mentioned here on my blog before are freeze-dried snacks. My daughter loves the freeze-dried apples that we get at Wal-Mart on a weekly basis. However we have come across some that aren't the best tasting. … [Read more...]

Somersaualt Snack Co.

While this review is on a wonderful snack called Somersault Snack's, I am yet to actually be able to complete a somersault. However figuratively speaking, I am doing tons, and tons of somersaults over this delicious, healthy, on the go snack. Healthy, delicious, and easily portable are the three most important things I look for in a snack. I'd say Somersault Snack Co. nailed it. … [Read more...]

Laughing Giraffe Organics

With this post comes a little bit of a funny story! I absolutely had no idea what Macaroons, and a Macaron were two different things. I mean, when you look at the two, they are clearly two different things. However I didn't realize the pronunciation was different and that one was called the other. See for yourself, I know my best friend had no idea what was what! She wants a Macaron and I love … [Read more...]

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