Thera*Pearl- A New Degree Of Relief

I woke up this morning loving the fact that I had the Thera*Pearl Neck Wrap. I don't know if I slept on my neck wrong last night, or if the weather has anything to do with this stiff neck I have. I've used previous Thera*Pearl products (almost weekly) because of my children. I fell in love with their company when I started using their Children Pals. They are kept in my freezer and are used for … [Read more...]

Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals & HomeSpa Shower Spray With GIVEAWAY!

This time of year is known as flu season! My family and I have in the past have always gotten lucky and never really got the flu. This year since my son started up school I figured getting sick was going to be inevitable at some point. Sadly the flu hit my family last week, which was a very sad time for us because Benjamin's birthday was that week! I don't wish the flu on anyone, specially this … [Read more...]

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