NEW! NYC New York Color Matte Lip Color

NYC New York Color has done it again! They've made a lip product that I can be crazy happy about. They have created 5 new shades for all of to enjoy during the day, or evening. The new shades are as follows- Smooth Beige, Creamy Mauve, Pure Coral, Velvety Fuchsia, Red Suede. I was so excited to hear about these new colors especially the Pure Coral color. I needed a new fun & bold color to wear … [Read more...]

Sally Hansen- Miracle Gel

As I continue my partnership with Sally Hansen and NYC New York Color, I bring to you the first No UV light needed Miracle Gel nail polish! With the glitz and sparkle for the holidays behind us, it's time for a nude start to the year! Sally Hansen and NYC New York Color have the perfect neutrals to keep your lips and nails looking beautifully natural! From the much adored new Sally Hansen Miracle … [Read more...]

Sante- All Natural Makeup

Earlier this year I made a decision to try and wear more makeup. Not for my husband, but for me. I really enjoy trying new things when it comes to makeup but being a stay at home mom of two kids I never really took the time to do my makeup everyday. I just didn't find the need to, until I realized I felt better about myself when I did my makeup. Taking pride in your appearance is probably one of … [Read more...]

NYC- Lipstick

  Hey there everyone, I've been so busy the last few days with Christmas stuff. I baked cookies all day yesterday with my family and the day and night before that I went out with my husband, kid free!! We did the kid's Christmas shopping and finally got a date night!! Which brings me to this review, I got to wear some of my make up I got from New York Color, but this is specifically for the … [Read more...]

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