Halloween Essentials Rimmel London and Sally Hansen

Halloween Essentials needed for that perfect look! I know tomorrow is Halloween, so I'm a little late on bringing you a Halloween Essentials post! However the products I want to share with you can be used well beyond the Halloween Holiday! In fact I think everyone could stand to have a really good black cosmetic option! So without wasting anymore valuable time, lets get these products shared … [Read more...]

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

I am excited to bring to you all a great company that specializes in organic, natural and chemical free cosmetics. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques really caught my eye with their mission and eagerness to produce such a wonderful cosmetic line. I have really enjoyed experimenting with different colors, and looks when it comes to doing my  makeup. Which I have been doing a lot more recently, in keeping … [Read more...]

NEW! NYC New York Color Matte Lip Color

NYC New York Color has done it again! They've made a lip product that I can be crazy happy about. They have created 5 new shades for all of to enjoy during the day, or evening. The new shades are as follows- Smooth Beige, Creamy Mauve, Pure Coral, Velvety Fuchsia, Red Suede. I was so excited to hear about these new colors especially the Pure Coral color. I needed a new fun & bold color to wear … [Read more...]

NYC New York Color’s Eye Crayons

 I want to first start off by mentioning that as one of my new years resolutions was to start wearing more make up, these products make it so much easier and enjoyable to do so. I love having the color variety as well as the different formula make up of the product. For example I am use to wearing a lot of powder and mineral based eye shadows. It's what I grew up learning how to apply, but … [Read more...]

♥Make-Up-Matte, Your Make Up Station On The Go♥

I may have mentioned that one of my new years resolution was to start wearing more makeup. My husband really seems to be liking this new years resolution as does my son. Benjamin always comments on how pretty I look, and that does make me feel good. More importantly though I made this resolution for me. I wanted to feel better about myself, and I do when I take the time to experiment with my daily … [Read more...]

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