Mother’s Day 2015

I wanted to take a moment and wish a wonderful Happy Mother's Day to all my readers who happen to be a mom! Also a Happy Mother's Day too all the Fathers taking on the role of being a Mom and Dad. Often times when we're asked what we'd like for Mother's Day we all have that ideal day planned out in our head. I know that a lot of us mothers out there would love to sleep in and wake up to breakfast … [Read more...]

Harry & David Gifts

Mother's Day is quickly approaching us, and I am blessed to have two lovely women to buy for. I like to get my mother and mother in law a gift that is as beautiful and sweet as they are themselves. Which is why when Harry & David asked me to review the Mother's Day Sweet Box I jumped at the opportunity to do so. I will be honest, sometimes I get stuck with ideas on what to get people for … [Read more...]

Expressively Yours Bracelet

Mothers Day is slowly creeping up on us and I bring to you today a beautiful bracelet from Kell's Gift Shop Suppliers. I've reviewed some of the products that Kelli's offers in their gift shops and I absolutely love them. The variety of gifts they have makes it easy to find something for anyone you're looking to purchase a gift for. Today' s review is going to show case the Mother's Day gift … [Read more...]