PBS KIDS- Super Why, Cinderella and other Fairytale Adventures!

My son loved watching Super Why when he was younger, and most days still does. Now that my daughter is almost two she too loves to watch Super Why! I was really excited when I saw there was a Cinderella and Other Fairytale Adventures available for review! I find something both thrilling and educating from the Super Why movies, and the PBS Kids network in general. … [Read more...]

Reading Rainbow- If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Just the other day my husband and I came across a floppy disk that holds all of my high school research papers and documents I used to create my Senior Portfolio. I said to him "Do you think the kids will ever know what this is" in which my husbands responds to probably not. There are lot of things that I can think that my children won't remember or ever be introduced to that I as a kids loved, … [Read more...]

Caillou Helps Out

My 6 year old son "grew up" watching Caillou. I think he loved watching Caillou learn all sorts of real life things. As a child, he could relate to a lot if not most of the situations on the cartoon. Caillou Helps Out is a 7 episode DVD that brings to light the concept of working together, and being aware of others feelings. … [Read more...]

Maya The Bee Movie

Summer break is quickly approaching us who have kids, and keeping them occupied is number one on my list. There's always going to be those rainy summer days and what better way to spend them than curled up on the couch watching a great new movie! Maya The Bee Movie is a great way to teach your kids about the joys of being yourself, going on adventures all while building great friendships. … [Read more...]

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