My Dentist Choice Tooth Tissues

My children are still fairly young, which is why I find the need to take such great care of their teeth. Yes they both brush their teeth at least once a day before bedtime, but there are times where I want to make sure they are extra clean. There are times when we've been out late and they have fallen asleep in the car before we get home and to avoid waking them up and not going back to sleep we … [Read more...]

OraMD Breath

 Nothing is worse than having bad breath at the most inopportune time! Have you ever been caught needing to go talk to someone after eating a meal with garlic, or onions in it? How about leave the house in too much of a hurry and forget to brush your teeth? I know when I am sick, no matter how many times I brush my teeth my mouth sometimes still feels and smells gross. Which is why I was super … [Read more...]

Carmex Moisture Plus- You Pick Your Style

Where are all my fashionable ladies at? Have you heard that Carmex lip care has released a LIMITED EDITION Moisture Plus line? You can take great care of your lips while doing it in fashion and in your own style. Instead of matching your shoes with your outfit, or your bag with your shoes you can be matching your lip balm to your outfit! … [Read more...]

GoodMouth Oral Care

Are you looking to make a difference, and have a great smile while doing it? GoodMouth allows you to do exactly that. Do you know how many people in the world go without dental care of any kind? The answer is too many, and GoodMouth is a subscription service that allows people to help with that ever-growing misfortune. … [Read more...]

RADIUS- Toothbrushes Reinvented

Ever sit back and wonder about how things were ever invented? Or perhaps wonder if you could take a basic everyday house hold item and reinvent it and make it better? Well that is exactly what architects, best friends, and innovators Kevin & James did in 1983 while on vacation! They wanted to take something and make it better, make it so it helped the lives of others. With that idea came the … [Read more...]

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