Ayden Video Baby Monitor by Levana

  Good morning to each and every one of you! This review has to be one that I've been the most excited about reviewing in a long time. While I enjoy reviewing all the items I get, some really hit home more than others. This one for example is really going to help me out when we finally close on our new home. Levana sent me the Ayden Video Baby Monitor to review. I had contacted them because … [Read more...]

Okiedog Wildpack Rolling Lugggage

I've recently fallen in love with the Okiedog company when it comes to my personal travel needs as well as my childrens. I have written a few other reviews on the Okiedog products so be sure to check the blog for those. This review focuses on Okiedogs Wildpack Rolling Luggage that I got thinking it would be perfect for my son and his trips to his Grandma's house when he spends the night.  … [Read more...]

My Dentist Choice Tooth Tissues

My children are still fairly young, which is why I find the need to take such great care of their teeth. Yes they both brush their teeth at least once a day before bedtime, but there are times where I want to make sure they are extra clean. There are times when we've been out late and they have fallen asleep in the car before we get home and to avoid waking them up and not going back to sleep we … [Read more...]

Review Coming Soon- Levana Ayden Video Monitor

 I am super excited to be reviewing the Ayden Video Monitor! I will be putting this up in my daughters room once we move. We will be transitioning her into her toddler bed and I'd love to see when she gets out of her bed! Take a quick look at the functions of this video monitor! … [Read more...]


I am still having a really hard time getting my 21 mos old daughter to eat. When I finally get her to eat I feel like she's not eating the right stuff, and I worry about her nutrition. She's good about eating her fruit, and SOME of her veggies but I know she's lacking a good source of protein and grains in her diet. She could always use a bit more veggies in her diet as well. So again I looked … [Read more...]

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