Banggood BlitzWolf Mini Monopod

Selfies are all the rage over the last few years. I myself like to snap a few selfies of myself when I am feeling exceptionally pretty and confident. I also like to take pictures in general, of my family, friends, events and any special moments I'd like to capture. I have previously reviewed a selfie stick, but today's selfie stick is nothing like I've ever seen before. It's taken the average Joe … [Read more...]


The name of this review pretty much says it all, well sort of. You're probably thinking what the heck is a selfie stick, and why would I even want one. Well, if we're all being honest I bet you have at one point or another taken a selfie, either by yourself or in a group. My husband so nicely pointed out that is it truly called a selfie if it's of an entire group.... and well, I literally have no … [Read more...]

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