Sweetsation’s Bubble Therapy

If you're like every all American family you live within your means, which means you don't always have a ton of extra money to spend on things you'd like. I'd love to go weekly, heck even bi weekly to get a pampering. My feet could more than certainly could use a pedicure and good soaking. However if I'm being 100% real with you, money doesn't allow for those kinds of "extras" for me. So I have to … [Read more...]

Just Hatched Baby Products

                                                                                    Let me tell you that as a mother of two young children, Summer is a very dirty time for us. I can't keep my kids inside even if I wanted to, which is fine it just means more baths for everyone! If you are a mother as well I am sure you have heard all the debates on certain baby body washes and shampoos. Are they … [Read more...]

SolScents- Sunscreen

I know that warmer weather is approaching us (hopefully sooner rather that later) here in Western New York. What does that mean for you, I know that it means that I get to take my kids outside more often and I worry about their skin. Growing up I fought my mom tooth and nail not to have sunscreen put on my body because I hated the way it felt on my skin, it smelt nasty and I just all around hated … [Read more...]

Dove Dry Spray Deodorant

I have a hard time picking just the right deodorant for my sensitive skin. There are only a few I can use, but only ONE I truly love for my skin. Dove skin care products are my go to skin care products when it comes to my sensitive and dry skin. Besides the sensitive skin I also struggle with a deodorant that stays around all day fighting the odor sweat causes. … [Read more...]

AM/PM Amazingly Beautiful + GIVEAWAY

I am back!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday vacation! The holidays are crazy here for us, we have so many different Christmas gatherings that it prolongs the holiday scramble. I have wanted to get some of these reviews written and out of the way while still fresh in my mind. I received one product for review just a few days before Christmas that I was really excited about. The holidays … [Read more...]