Flamous- Falafel Chips & GIVEAWAY

If someone told you that you could eat chips and not feel guilty about it, would you? Well I will be the first to admit that I certainly would. Sometimes I crave that crunch of a nice delicious chip. With trying to lead a healthy life style I have to look for the options that fall within those categories. I came across Flamous when looking for new companies to pitch, and I really wasn't sure what … [Read more...]

Gourmet Nut

When I make pitches to companies I think to myself a few things. The first thing is "I really hope I enjoy their products" and the second is usually about the impact I think it will have on my readers. I want to bring forth products that I feel my readers will get the most enjoyment from. If it spikes my interest I know a lot of people within my circle will more than likely be elated to know about … [Read more...]

Itzy Ritzy

It has come to my attention that several moms that I know absolutely love Itzy Ritzy. I had no idea what or who it was until I recently contacted them for the opportunity to review their reusable snack/food bags. My sister (who is a mother to my 14 year old niece) asked me to look into companies who made and sold reusable sandwich bags. The amount of money she spends on plastic bags for lunches, … [Read more...]

Snack Factory- Pretzel Crisps

There is no denying that I am a snacker! I don't deny that, however I didn't always make the best choices when making snack choices, and I am paying for that right now. With that being said, as of a year or more ago I decided to make an honest effort to make as many positive and healthy food choices for myself and my family. We tried cutting out snacking all together, and well we all know that is … [Read more...]

Milton’s GLUTEN FREE Crackers

Milton's provides a wide variety of deliciousness within their product line! Over the past few years you've heard a lot more about the Gluten allergy then in the past. A lot more people are either allergic to gluten, or have decided to just taken up a gluten free lifestyle for health benefits. Aside from there signature breads Milton’s is obsessed with providing their customers with only the best … [Read more...]

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