A little Honesty about Honest Tea

The drink of the summer here in my house is tea, or lemonade. It's be really hot here in New York, and while I love my water, I need variety. I fell in love with Honest Tea about a year ago when I picked one up at the store to try. I had heard of them, but never tried them and I am really glad I did! I am a huge fan of their Raspberry Tea! It's not overly sweet, it's actually perfect for my … [Read more...]

BEE Excited – Savannah Bee Company

Here it is 9:30 on a Monday night and I am still learning stuff about myself. This past year I promised myself that I would try new things, to see if maybe I really did like them. Well one of those things just so happened to be honey! I know honey is good for you, and is a good substitution for granulated white sugar. I just have never used it in anything up until this year. I've used it in … [Read more...]


Up until a few months ago I wasn't a tea drinker, I really didn't give it a second thought as to why I wasn't. It sure wasn't because I've tried a bunch of teas and then just decided it wasn't for me. I then did my research about all the health benefits to tea, and that different tea has different benefits, and of course flavors. I started my tea journey with going to the store and picking up a … [Read more...]

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