Loving Pets _ Family Pet Products

Loving Pets 100% natural treats and quality accessories for your pet! Are you a pet owner, and looking for quality and affordability in your pet products? Consider checking our the Loving Pets brand! As an owner of a family pet, I know the importance of having all natural snacks, and foods on hand. I wouldn't feed my children food that's filled with chemicals, or fillers. So I wouldn't treat … [Read more...]

End Your Night With A Fairytale… Fairytale Brownies and Bars w/ GIVEAWAY

My family always enjoys when I get a product that we can review together! Fairytale Brownies is one of their most favorite reviews I've done in the past with them. We fell in love with Fairytale Brownies a few months back when reviewed their brownies. My husband sure loves his brownies, and I'm afraid store bought, or Betty Crocker brownies just don't cut it for him anymore.  … [Read more...]

Brownie Brittle- It’s Heaven Sent

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to review this product. I have been seeing Brownie Brittle around in stores for a few months now and thought I'd pick up a bag and test it out. Though each week I'd forget to pick one up and do just that. So one night while I was working on building my network and businesses I work with I stopped to think about all of those products I've been … [Read more...]